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Age Difference and Latin Brides

So I was thinking about age difference, and in particular what’s a good age difference between you and your prospective Latin American bride.

When you’re contemplating looking for a foreign bride, then age difference is one of the factors you need to get clear in your head, as it will help you greatly when it comes to searching for ladies on a dating site.

The first rule of relationships is that there isn’t really any rule when it comes to age difference. Having said that, if you chat to women closer to your own age then you’ll generally run fewer risks of things going bad.

On foreign dating sites, it’s best to avoid women under the age of 28 (unless you’re under 35 yourself). I would say that the majority of women scammers are in their early 20’s, so it’s best not to chat to them at all. On the Cupid dating sites like Latin American Cupid and Colombian Cupid you can set up a filter so that you don’t get bothered by emails from young girls. What I also do is to set your online status to OFFLINE. This way you don’t get bothered by chat sessions either.

Dating – The Game Men Always Win in the End

With foreign dating sites in particular, you’ll find that the most popular ladies are those in the 25-32 age range. Beyond 35 a woman generally gets a whole lot less interest shown in her profile, unless she’s still a perfect 10. Single moms are also generally a lot less popular, so don’t overlook these ladies.

If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s, you shouldn’t have too many problems finding women aged 35+ who are interested in you.

My own uncle is 60-something, and his foreign girlfriend is 35. This isn’t at all unusual when it comes to foreign dating.

One tip I’ll give you is that a lot of women on foreign dating sites will put that they want a partner between 25 and 35 for example. But don’t take this as set in stone. She’ll nearly always be prepared to compromise on age if you have money and (preferably!) and American passport!

The Younger the Better?

Young ladies are awesome, but watch that age difference...

Young ladies are awesome, but watch that age difference...

Of course we’re genetically programmed to seek out younger ladies, especially if we want kids.

If you want to raise a family then you’ll just have to take the risk in dating a younger woman.

It’s worth bearing in mind that women in developing countries still regard themselves as old women even at the tender young age of 28! This is largely because health care isn’t always that great in these countries, so women will want to have kids while they are still in their early to mid 20’s.

If you’re using online dating sites, then be aware that scammers are much more likely to be under the age of 30. Over 30, and a single woman is more interested in finding a husband than scamming men.

If you marry a younger woman then there’s a greater risk of her running off after marriage. Bear in mind that quite a few American guys have spent a fortune putting their young foreign mail order brides through college, only to see them run off once they graduate!

An Age Difference Formula That Works

I’m a great fan of the half-your-age-plus-7-years formula, that tells you the age of the youngest girl you should date.

It’s worked a treat for me. When I was 39 I dated a 25 year old Chinese girl. She was intelligent and sophisticated, but she was just a little too young for me.

The formula says that I shouldn’t date anyone younger than 26.5. The next girl I dated was 28. Yeah, she was just right for me.

You can push this formula a little, especially if you want a bride from a country where demand for foreign husbands outstrips supply of men seeking brides from that country (I’m particularly thinking of the Philippines here). But I’d say that the formula works very well for Latin American women from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica or Peru.

So that was a brief look at age difference. Don’t get distracted by the young girls on dating sites, but at the same time, don’t be too rigid in exactly how old you want your prospective bride to be.

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