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Black Cupid

Cupid Media run a whole stable of niche online dating sites. One of their many sites is Black Cupid.

Black Cupid is aimed at the black singles scene, especially in the USA. Like their other sites though, the site has attracted members from all over the World.

Using Black Cupid

You can sign up to Black Cupid for free, and your standard membership plan never expires.

In fact, you only need to pay if you want to get messages from the many free members on the site.

What this normally means is that beautiful women can pretty much use the site for free, and rely on getting a lot of interest. But most men will end up having to pay for a site membership plan.

Black Cupid is a great place to meet attractive African-American singles

Black Cupid is a great place to meet attractive African-American singles

Like their other sites, Cupid offer either Gold or Platinum membership plans. With a Platinum membership you can upload videos. Personally I’ve not seen a huge benefit of Gold over Platinum, but when I joined it only cost around an extra $16 a year for Platinum.

What I like about the Cupid sites is that everything is pretty slick and polished. The search facility works well, and you can save your searches for use another time. There are also great tools for managing your contacts.

Cupid advertise their sites widely, and the sites have tens of thousands (in some cases millions) of members. You’re never going to be short of members you’ll want to contact.

The quality of member on these sites is pretty high as well. Of course you’ll find the usual single parents and overweight people, but I’ve always been impressed by the women I’ve met through the Cupid sites. In my case I’m looking for a foreign bride, and all the women I’ve met through one of the Cupid sites have been well educated and have spoken excellent English.

The sites are also fairly clean, and if you’re a woman then you won’t be intimidated into signing up to Black Cupid. Unlike other foreign dating themed sites, the Cupid sites play down the mail order bride theme.

On the downside, well there are plenty of scammers on these sites – more on these below. And it’s a shame that you have to pay for each of their sites separately, as well as upload individual profiles to each site.

Black Cupid Scams and Scammers

I’ll warn you that Black Cupid is popular with scammers as well as legitimate people.

I really like the Cupid dating sites. In fact I’ve been a Platinum member of Japan Cupid, and also Chinese Love Links. I’ve encountered a few scammers on Chinese Love Links. More disturbingly, some of my Chinese female friends have also encountered African romance scammers on this site. Really a major dating corporation like Cupid Media ought to do a bit more to keep these types of scammers off the site.

An awful lot of dating site scammers are from West Africa, so this obviously creates problems if you’re interested in black dating.

I would recommend that you be very careful when chatting to members from African countries. I run my own dating site over at Asian Love Connections. The scammer problem got so bad that I ended up blocking Senegalese people from registering on the site. The majority of sign-ups from Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast are also from scammers.

By all means find a partner in Africa. But the best way to find somebody here is to use your family contacts (if you have family back there) and friends of friends.

Alternatives to Black Cupid

Black Cupid has a sister site called Interracial Cupid. This is perhaps the better site if you specifically want to find a partner who is a different race to yourself.

International dating is also a major dating niche. If you want to find an exotic ebony bride then the Caribbean or Latin America are great hunting grounds. Countries you might consider include:

  • The Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Brazil

And there are of course a number of different nations that make up the Caribbean. Caribbean Cupid is a great site to see what’s out there.

For the African and African-American singles scene, there are also popular niche sites like AfroIntroductions and AfroRomance.

If you’re a lady seeking a husband then the same countries listed above are worth a look. Obviously if you seek a partner from another country then you need to be incredibly careful to avoid scammers, and you need to consider your personal safety. I run a dating site and I actually catch more male than female scammers. This is largely because women on dating sites are incredibly easy targets for nasty romance scams. Here in the UK there has been widespread media coverage of women losing many thousands of pounds to international dating scams.

So that was a quick look at Black Cupid and the black dating niche. If you’ve had any experiences of using the Black Cupid site (good or bad), then leave your comments below (anonymously if you prefer).

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