All you need to know about finding a beautiful Latin American bride

Sick of American Women? Try Colombian Dating Instead!

The Colombian Women Advantage

A couple of years ago I realized I wanted to find an Asian bride. I’ve now been dating Chinese women for three years.

By dating Chinese women, I can’t help feeling I’ve made things rather hard for myself. Mandarin Chinese is extremely difficult to learn. And every time I go to Asia I’ve got a 12 hour flight and 8 hours of jet-lag to deal with.

I can’t help thinking I should have looked for a bride from Colombia or another Latin American country. English speaking Colombian girls are pretty easy to find. And Spanish is not too hard for us native English speakers to learn anyway.

As a Brit, I’d still have some jet-lag to contend with should I visit Colombia. But America and Canada are both in near-identical time zones to Colombia, so that’s the jet-lag minimized.

Should you be seeking a foreign mail order bride who you want to bring back to your county, then you’ll also find that a Colombian girl will fit in right at home.

One other advantage – Colombian dating isn’t that much different to what goes on in Western countries, so you’ll have far fewer cultural barriers to cross than if you were dating an Asian woman.

Is it Safe to Find a Colombian Bride?

Of course no mention of Colombia can be complete with reference to personal safety. Yeah, there’s a war out there, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was in the 1980’s and 90’s. And these days you might ask yourself if you’re safer in your local neighborhood or Colombia.

So if you’re thinking of visiting Colombia then make sure you take basic precautions. Stick to well known areas. Meet women in your hotel lobby. And remember that most crime happens at night.

One tip I have is to travel with a companion. Just find a guy who also likes the idea of finding a Colombian bride. And if you can’t think of any single guys, then why not join a singles tour (more on these later).

The good news is that these scare stories are often overblown. One thing I’ve learnt from my own trips to find an exotic foreign bride in China, is that so many people are scared to visit a country like China that I have the place pretty much to myself. Indeed I visited a Chinese girl I met on one mail order brides site, and I failed to see a single foreign man in her city (which had a population of over 4 million people!).

So I’m just hopeful that ignorant US politicians keep sprouting garbage about China being full of commies who want to steal the American way of life! Maybe news stories about drug wars will allow better informed Americans a great window of opportunity to bag themselves a stunning young bride from a country most guys are scared away from.

Colombian Dating Sites

Online dating is immensely popular in Colombia. While many Colombian women are seeking Colombian husbands, there are also large numbers of women who like the idea of finding a foreign husband.

So which are the best Colombian dating sites?

I’ve had a lot of good luck on the Cupid Media run sites. As far as their Latin American offerings go, this gives you a choice between Latin American Cupid or Colombian Cupid.

I’d recommend Latin American Cupid. There are plenty of Colombian women on this site. You’ve also got the opportunity to chat to women from other countries.

There are some stunning women on Colombian dating sites

There are some stunning women on Colombian dating sites

By contrast, if you stick to a single country dating site like Colombian Cupid, then you have to pay to join another site if you decide to look for a girlfriend from another country. Man, I’ve been there, and paid the additional membership fees!

Latin American Cupid is totally free to join, and like many other dating sites you only have to pay if you want to contact the other members. The site has an affordable monthly subscription fee, and they’ll give you a big discount if you sign up for a whole year.

This site has a massive advantage over many of its competitors in that once you’ve paid you can chat to as many women as you like. And man, are there a lot of women on this site! While traveling to developing countries I’ve noticed that Cupid Media advertise these sites extensively to the local market. Consequently they’ve managed to attract some very high quality women members.

The main downside to Latin American Cupid is that there are plenty of scammers working this site. So be careful who you chat to, and never send girls money. Besides, if you flash money around, you attract gold diggers.

The site doesn’t have any chat rooms either. This is probably a good thing, as chat rooms are usually full of scammers. You can do a 1 on 1 chat through the site, but I tend to turn this facility off so I can block chat requests from girls I have no interest in.

There are a few other Colombian dating sites worth mentioning. These include Latin Euro, AmoLatina and of course LoveMe.

LoveMe is quite expensive and if you don’t want to use their translation services then they’re best avoided. Having said that, their singles tours of Colombia may be of interest to you…

Colombian Singles Tours

If you’re worried about meeting Colombian women on your own, then why not join a singles tour (or romance tour as they’re commonly known as)?

LoveMe operates regular romance tours of Colombia. The tours are centered on either Cartagena, Barranquilla or Medellin.

Singles tours are expensive – I’ll point that out straight away. However, I kind of wished I’d taken part in a tour when I first thought about finding a foreign bride. I think I’d have had a lot more success than going it alone.

And while you’re in Colombia, make sure you network like crazy and build up a social network that will help you should you not find love on the first romance tour you take part in.

Colombian Soulmates also run singles tours of Colombia – more on them below.

Colombian Marriage Agencies

LoveMe have a number of offices in Colombia. They’ll help you out if you want to meet Colombian women through a marriage agency.

An alternative is The Colombian Soulmates. This is a Colombian dating agency run by an American expat in Colombia. You can chat to the girls online, or choose to visit them in Cali. Colombian Soulmates has a good range of women, with a range of ages and ethnicities. All the girls are interviewed, so you can be reasonably sure they’re not fake women like you can find on other dating sites.

So if you’re through with American women then maybe Colombian dating is your next step. With a bit of effort, you too can join the many thousands of American guys who have found love in another country.

Got and questions or suggestions about Colombian dating? Would you risk drug wars and strange foreign habits to find the bride of your dreams? Leave your comments below.

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