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What are the Costs Involved With Finding a Latin Bride?

What are the costs involved with finding a Latin bride?

This article will help you put a finger on much it’s all likely to cost. And trust me – it’s not worth looking for a bride from a foreign country until you’ve done the math.

I’ll also point out two important facts:

  1. It’s more expensive to find a bride from another country than it is to find a bride in your own country.
  2. Costs are actually quite difficult to assess, because love and relationships can be vague at the best of times.

With that in mind, let’s look at a breakdown of the likely costs that you’ll incur should you look for a Latin bride.

Prices are quoted in US dollars.

Meeting Women

To meet Latin women you’ll generally have to use either a marriage agency or a dating website.

Dating Site Costs

Dating websites range from being free to charging around $25 for membership. You can often save money by taking out a three, six or twelve month subscription. Some sites will cost just $10 a month if you take out the annual subscription plan.

By the way, I’d recommend you stay away from any site that charges you to contact each lady. The sites charge you for women’s email addresses, you have to pay to send them letters, and sometimes there are pay-per-minute video chat options.

Again – I’ll warn you that these sites can easily end up costing you $100 or more a month! I’ve even heard of one guy spending $1000 a month!

Wow, that’s crazy because a membership of Latin American Cupid will cost less than $200 for an entire year!

Free dating sites can save you money. However, they usually require more effort to find decent women on them. If you work and have a busy life then free dating sites are usually a false economy. On the other hand, if you’re retired and you’re seeking a wife then you’ll have all the time in the world to find those diamonds in the rough.

Marriage Agency Costs

Marriage agencies usually charge an up-front fee. Reckon on paying no more than $3000 for a marriage agency based in Colombia or the Dominican Republic.

This is a lot of money compared to a dating site. But I reckon it’s pretty good value, and would work out cheaper compared to going it alone with online dating.

If you use a marriage agency then make sure you know all the costs up-front, and beware of hidden extras. Seek out online recommendations from happy customers of the service.

Travel Costs

Those trips to Central and South America to meet ladies will probably be your biggest expense.

You can save money by travelling out of season. If you’re interested in a Dominican wife for example, try to visit outside the peak tourism season. Also, flying before Christmas and Easter will usually cost you more.

Travel agency websites where you can book a flight and hotel package can offer some good deals.

While it’s good to save money, be sure not to skimp on important things like travel insurance.

The good news is that living costs in Latin America are on the whole pretty low. So you’ll not have to factor in much of a budget for food, travel or entertainment.

Don’t go overboard on gifts for ladies you’re arranging to meet. Don’t give a Colombian girl a diamond necklace on your first meeting! Instead, take chocolates and other items from your home country.

Fiance/Marriage Visa Costs

Sadly governments around the world are finding that Fiance visas are a good way of raising money! I was astounded to see that the cost of a fiance visa issued by the UK government was nearly seven weeks pension  income for an average pensioner!

Support Costs

You’ll usually not be granted a visa for your new Latin bride unless you can prove you can support her financially. So make sure you do the math before you even consider looking for a bride from another country.

Generally speaking all this entails is proving that you have some sort of income, be it from a pension, a job or from investments.

You’ll also need to own or rent a property that’s large enough for you and your partner to live in. Most people have no problems with this, although if you’re living with your parents or other family members in quite a small property, then you might have some troubles.

So make sure you have enough money to support your new bride.

Your new bride may also get homesick, so make sure you factor in the costs of the occasional flight so she can get together with her family..

You may be expected to support your new bride’s family and extended family. It’s hard to put a figure on this, as it really depends on the size of the family! In general, a good tip here is to say you’ll provide a certain amount (maybe $300 a month), and then tell your new bride that she can send home anything she earns. Although it might seem awkward to discuss such matters with your prospective Latin bride, trust me when I say that if you leave it until after marriage then you might well regret it.

Living in Central or South America

If you’re nearing retirement or have a job you can do from anywhere in the world, then it’s also worth doing the math to see if you can actually afford to live in the region.

Places like Panama are welcoming Americans and other nationalities with low tax rates, good weather and a good business environment.

You’ll also be surprised at how many expats there are even in countries like Peru.

And if you’re a single guy living in any of these countries then you’ll have the pick of the local women!

How Costs Can Escalate

You’ll find that costs can often escalate when you’re looking for a foreign bride. That’s certainly what’s happened to me. It’s taken me many overseas trips to find The One. It’s also taking a lot longer than I expected – especially since I work full time so I can only make 2-3 trips overseas per year.

Costs will almost certainly rise significantly if you fail to find a bride on your first visit to Latin America. Sadly there’s absolutely no guarantee you will find The One on your first trip.

In my experience it’s actually better if you don’t marry the first Latin girl you date. I’ve found that the more I’ve got to know about women from other countries, the younger/more attractive/better personality of girl I’ve been able to date. So unless you’re really stretched budget-wise, it’s really best not to rush into marrying the first girl you meet in Colombia, Peru or any other country you’re lucky enough to visit.

So hopefully that’s given you a better idea of how much it costs to find a Latin American¬† bride. So get your calculator out and see if you really can afford that dream.

If you’ve got any more questions or suggestions about the costs involved with finding a bride from one of the Latin American or Caribbean countries, then use the comments section below.

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