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DominicanCupid Dating Site – Meet Beautiful Dominican Girls Online

If you’re looking for a beautiful wife or girlfriend from the Dominican Republic, then one of the best dating sites is DominicanCupid. Here’s an overview of the DominicanCupid dating site, and the kinds of people you can meet on this dating site.

First of all DominicanCupid has a wide variety of members, but a large number of the members (especially the female members) are from the Dominican Republic.

There are also a few female members from other countries, although the majority tend to be Dominican Republic women living and working in the United States, or Spanish speaking women from a wide range of different countries.

The men registered with the site tend to either be from a wide range of countries, but the majority of them are either from the United States or the Dominican Republic itself.

DominicanCupid is a bilingual site and is available in both English and Spanish. If you’re Spanish speaking then you have a big advantage on the site as you will find it much easier to chat to the women who don’t speak much English.

An important thing to remember with DominicanCupid and all the other Cupid Media owned niche dating sites is that:

  • Not all of the dating site’s members live in the Dominican Republic.
  • Not all of the members are natives of the Dominican Republic.
  • Not all of the site’s members will be looking for a marriage partner – some might just be looking for fun, friends, penpals and Spanish language study partners.

When you set up your DominicanCupid profile it’s a good idea to specify what type of relationship you’re looking for.

Why Are Dominican Wives so Popular?

The Caribbean is a good place to find an attractive foreign bride

The Caribbean is a good place to find an attractive foreign bride

Although there are plenty of Dominican guys on the site, the biggest users of DominicanCupid tend to be American and Canadian men looking for brides from the Dominican Republic.

The majority of the population of the Dominican Republic are of mixed race. This has resulted in a population of extremely beautiful women!

Central American women have a reputation for being very curvaceous and beautiful and men love them. Added to that is a sexy accent and Latin passion – it’s easy to see why the Dominican lady is in such demand.

Although men frequently find foreign brides in Eastern Europe, Russia or Asia, the simple matter is that the Dominican Republic is much more convenient to visit. You don’t have to cross the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. If you want your Dominican bride to come back to the USA or Canada then she’ll also find it much easier to adjust to North American culture. American culture is immensely popular in the Dominican Republic. Although the majority of the population are Spanish speaking, English is the most popular second language. Being Spanish speaking also means that women from the Dominican Republic would feel right at home in the USA, particularly in the Southern States with their Mexican influence.

Latin American women also love the idea of marrying an American man. Although there is an element of a mail order bride business, marrying an American is also a way out of the poverty and violence that unfortunately affects so many Caribbean and South American countries.

DominicanCupid Mini-Review

Although there are thousands of dating sites out there, and quite a few Dominican dating sites, not many of them are much good. The free dating sites suffer from problems with scammers signing up in huge numbers. The smaller Caribbean and South American dating sites are often poorly managed, and they don’t have a wide enough selection of members to reach critical mass.

DominicanCupid has tens of thousands of members, so you’ll have no problem finding people to chat to.

DominicanCupid is completely free to sign up to. Once you’ve signed up you can browse the personal profiles at your leisure.

If you think a Dominican Republic partner is for you then it’s worth paying for full membership of the site. There are two levels of membership – gold and platinum. Platinum membership affords more contact options, and your profile is made much more visible on the site. Membership is paid for on a monthly basis, but there are generous discounts if you sign up for a few months at a time, or take out an annual subscription. Finding a wife in a different country takes a lot more time than you might think, so it’s a good idea to go for the annual payment option.

DominicanCupid has some great search facilities, and they are way ahead of many other dating sites in this respect. Once you have found someone you’re interested in, it’s very easy to compare your profile with theirs in order to see how good a potential match you are.

Alternatives to DominicanCupid

Cupid Media run a wide range of niche dating sites, including many Asian dating sites. If you want a partner from South America but aren’t exclusively interested in women from the Dominican Republic, then Latin American Cupid is an alternative. This site has many members from all over Central and South America.

If you want a latin bride then another alternative is LatinEuro. Again this site has members from a wide range of South American countries, but there are a large number of Brazilian women on the site. If you’re specifically interested in Brazilian women, the try Brazil Cupid.

DominicanCupid dating scams

Scammers are common on most dating sites, so it pays to be vigilant at all times. Despite the best efforts of the site’s owners, beautiful Caribbean women are a great lure for operating a money related scam. Avoiding dating site scammers is simply a question of following basic advice, like not sending money to women. However, despite the warnings, men still lose thousands of dollars in simple scams, so don’t let love cloud your judgement.

Be warned – I’ve had scammers approach me on Chinese Love Links (a site operated by the same company that owns DominicanCupid). Take care with who you chat to, ignore the girls without profile photos, and never send girls money!

Dating site scammers tend to be younger and better looking than average. They don’t always use their own photos – a common trick of professional dating site scammers is to steal innocent photos of people from Flickr or other sources. If you have any doubts then always make sure you chat to someone you’re interested in on webcam. If they turn down the offer of a webcam session then you should be suspicious. Internet cafes are all over the place in most countries, and an increasing number of people have computers at home.

Another thing to watch is for translation scams. Don’t get suckered into paying large amounts of money for a translator. In fact, if you want an honest translator, look for one on I used this site to find a translator to translate my free Asian dating site into several languages, and I got the work done for $20 a language.

Another thing to be wary of is dating girls who are much younger than you are. You’ll have a much easier relationship if you stick to contacting women who are closer to your own age (unless you own a boat and a sea front condo in Miami of course). If in doubt, then use this dating age difference calculator to tell you if your relationship with a foreign lady has a sound footing.

So to summarise, DominicanCupid is a great website for finding your dream partner from the Dominican Republic. Online dating can be risky at times, but DominicanCupid is about the best quality Dominican Republic niche dating site there is, so sign up and give it a go.


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