All you need to know about finding a beautiful Latin American bride

Gentlemen – you’re in demand!

The world is full of beautiful ladies.

There are many online dating sites. is a great place to get started on your search for a beautiful and exotic wife. The website has loads of photos of beautiful ladies from all over the world – it’s just the kind of place you need to start searching for a beautiful overseas lady.

In fact it was the first international dating site I found when I was searching for a foreign wife of my own.

The good thing about is that it lists lady profiles from many different countries. The different countries have very little in common except for one thing – they are absolutely full of beautiful ladies! Wow!!!

I guess if you’re new to online dating then you might not have much idea of where to look for your special somebody. I had some vague ideas, but Foreign Ladies really made me focus my mind on which country was best for me to search for a bride from. If you’ve exhausted your local neighborhood, state or even country, then you might not know where else to look. If that’s you, then don’t worry, here’s a brief guide to the different countries featured on and other similar online dating sites…

Latin American Ladies

If you don’t want to find a beautiful lady in Asia, then what about Central and South America? has thousands of beautiful ladies from countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and even Peru.

Of course the Latin ladies of countries like Venezuela and Costa Rica have been long known for their exotic looks. But Peruvian women? Maybe they’ve been overlooked!

Asia (China, Thailand, the Philippines)

Bored of women in your own country? There's a world of choice out there...

Bored of women in your own country? There's a world of choice out there...

Thanks to its vast population, there is no shortage of beautiful ladies in Asia.

Asian women tend to be slim and attractive despite their ability to cook incredibly delicious food.

On the downside as far as a Western man is concerned the lady attaches great importance to her family. If something goes wrong in her family you can expect to be neglected while she deals with the problem. You might also have to support her family financially – this is something to discuss before you get married to her!

Thai Wives

Thailand has a long history of local women marrying foreign men. Consequently Thai women pretty much know what to expect when dating a foreign man or getting to the marriage stage.

Chinese Wives

Finding a lovely wife in China is certainly possible, but from what I’ve experienced it’s not the easy option. There, I’ve said it. If you want a Chinese wife from China, the hassle will drive you crazy. But from what I’ve heard it’s well worth the problems!

I’ve been on four trips to China to meet Chinese women now. If I wasn’t so darned picky maybe I’d be married already. Chinese women are great, but Filipino brides are much easier to find…

Filipino Wives

Filipina ladies are a lot of fun! How do I know? Because I run a free Filipina dating site here. Filipino women nearly all speak English so there’s not the tricky language problems to deal with when compared to dating Chinese or Thai ladies. Many filipinas live overseas, so there might be a beautiful lady in your own country – that would save a long expensive trip to the Phillipines!

Eastern European Ladies

It’s a good job the Iron Curtain came down because we Western men finally got to see just how incredibly gorgeous Eastern European women are!

Foreignladies has beautiful ladies from Eastern European countries such as Belarus, Azerbaijan, the Ukraine as well as Russia. Being in Europe, these places are generally much easier to visit should you find the woman of your dreams and want to visit her in person.

Foreignladies is free for men to join up, so you can have a look at the lovely ladies before spending any money contacting them. Contacting the ladies is expensive, although the cost includes the translation fees involved. In many cases if you find a lady you like it’s often possible to contact her directly after you get to know each other fairly well.

Free Foreign Dating Tools

Interested in foreign ladies? Then you’ll love these free tools to play around with:

  • Which country has the women most suitable for you? Take the test!
  • is expensive. Find a cheaper dating site here.

Good luck with your search for a beautiful wife online! And if you’ve got any particular reports about, then add your comments below.

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  1. admin says:

    I have good and bad things to say about First the good part:

    I got an account with (I’ll refer to them as FL). Within hours of signing up with FL I started receiving lots of introductory letters. I received over two dozen in the first day, and I receive at least one to two dozen every single day. I would say that 80% to 90% of these women are very attractive, and about half of them are gorgeous, truly beautiful women with vague profiles, but they seem nice and certainly desire to get married.

    FL is owned by the well respected A Foreign (I’ll call them AFA) agency, and so I felt comfortable trying FL out. It costs $7.50 to READ or WRITE an email (with 2000 character limit) with FL, but, this is slightly cheaper than the $9.95 that it costs on the AFA site, so it’s actually a slightly better deal, which is why I decided to try out FL. My reasoning was that I would gain access to all that AFA offered anyway, plus other sites as well–and they were slightly cheaper.

    I can tell you that from my experience I believe that you are given a higher priority by using FL because I also have an account with AFA and I receive ZERO emails from that account for the VERY same profile that I posted with ForeignLadies. So my activity from FL is huge, and zero with the AFA parent company. So, I’m skeptical as you probably are reading this. These are real women who do write to you. I think that they all have their standard introductory letter and they simply broadcast them off to any guy who happens to come up on their standard daily key word search engine. So the women are sending them, not the agency in my opinion, they just don’t give much thought to most of them–it’s a numbers game. Having said that, there were a few women who wrote me back a few days later because they really wanted to talk to me, and two women who were like stalkers.

    So, from what I can see, FL is a great site to meet true women. Now for the bad parts:

    Once I started using FL, it really goofs up the agency if you try to use your AFA account on the same girl–they don’t know how to do this at all!

    FL doesn’t have a customer service phone number and using email with them is really bad. They don’t read your emails very well and then you spend many email attempts over several days to get something resolved. It’s really bad customer service in my opinion.

    And my worst complaint, which is why I’m writing is this, they really hold the women hostage, this is there income, and they don’t want you talking to the women outside of their agency. When you talk to these women, if you try to get their contact info, I suspect they are coached against going outside the agency. It is my guess that they tell the women that they are safer by talking inside the agency. I say this because of some previous interactions with some women and through spending hundreds of dollars in emails to just one woman who I’ve grown to love (as much as you can via email) and she loves me. We really hit it off, and it’s time to go to the next level and start talking on the phone and email directly. But when she went in to sign the email release form, the AFA Philippine office talked her out of signing the document. They wouldn’t give her the document to sign and instead pushed her to just keep writing me with their system and suggested that we talk on the phone using their service, which will cost $6/minute. My girl talks decent English and we don’t need the service, but they are trying to get more money out of me. I’m angry over this, and thank God I’m able to just call the corporate AFA office up and get this straightened out; which I’m going to. But I’m really angry that I’ve had to spend over $100 in emails just dealing with customer support crap that should have never happened. I’m going to try and get some of my money back from emails wasted doing that once I’m able to talk to my love directly.

    I truly expect that I will marry this sweet, beautiful, wonderful lady, but what a nightmare in the process! I can’t believe that they are making it this hard to get her contact info, especially after I’ve spend hundreds of dollars just to talk to this one woman. That’s bad.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mark. Yes I’m much more wary of these pay per contact websites these days – Chinese Love Links is currently £99 for a whole year and you can talk to as many ladies as you want.

      I’ve heard good things about Cherry Blossoms as well, and that’s even cheaper.

      Funnily enough many of the Chnlove ladies are on Cherry Blossoms, it might be the same with Foreign Ladies as well.

      On both of these sites you run the risk of talking to dishonest or timewaster ladies, but that happens a lot with women from your own country as well.

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