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International Cupid

International Cupid is a popular dating site for single men and women seeking partners from another country and culture.

The site is run by Cupid Media, who have a big stable of international themed dating sites.

International Cupid is free to join, and you only need to take out a subscription if you want to send contact the free members of the site. In practice this means that if you’re a man then you’ll probably have to pay to get any use out of the site. I have noticed an increasing number of women paying for memberships – this means that their profiles become much more visible on the site.

The Cupid sites all attract plenty of high quality members. I’m on a couple of them for example! I’ve met a lot of foreign ladies in real life after seeing their profiles on the site. They’ve all spoken great English, and have been very nice indeed. Nobody could have said that any of them were anything like mail order brides. In a couple of cases, they actually had more money than I did, so they clearly didn’t need to marry for financial reasons.

I also like the Cupid sites in that they’re honest website operators and won’t rip you off. When I first started looking for a foreign bride I used the pay-per-letter types of sites that are quite widely advertised. I ended up paying something like $5 just to send one email to a girl. Then another $5 to read her reply. While this did allow me to email girls who spoke little or no English, it was a helluva expensive way of conducting a relationship! So hats off to International Cupid for providing a site where you can email as many members as you like.

A World of Choice Awaits YOU!

If you’re interested in finding a partner from another country then there’s a whole world of choice out there.

International Cupid is a good site to start international dating. The site has thousands of members from a very wide range of countries. If you’re not sure which country is home to your special somebody, then you can have a good hunt amongst the 1000’s of profiles on the site.

By the way, if you’re a guy interested in mail order brides and overseas women, then use this free foreign bride finding tool to give you some suggestions as to which countries might be the best options for you.

International Cupid Scammers

I’ll warn you that international dating is not always safe. Two major problems are:

  • Scammers
  • General lawlessness in many countries
African online dating is particularly hazardous due to the number of scammers operating out of countries like Senegal

African online dating is particularly hazardous due to the number of scammers operating out of countries like Senegal

When you first start international dating you’ll no doubt be targeted by scammers. These are getting to be a real nuisance on most dating sites these days. International dating sites are particularly popular with scammers, because then they don’t even need to hide the fact that they’re not in the same country as you are.

I know there are scammers on International Cupid because I’ve banned people from my own dating site, only to see that they still have profiles on International Cupid. I think I’m a lot more proactive at removing suspicious accounts from my own site. At the same time, you need to remember that it does take a lot of time and effort to find a partner, whether you use online dating or go to real life speed dating evenings or other social events.

As far as avoiding scams goes, the key consideration is to remember not to send money to anyone you meet on International Cupid. If somebody asks you for money, then report them. On Chinese Love Links (International Cupid’s sister site) I have a Platinum membership plan. That makes me quite popular, but to stop the scammers and time wasters I always set my online status to offline, and I never respond to unsolicited chat requests.

There are a few verified members on International Cupid. This means they’re more likely to be legit. On the other hand it’s not exactly hard to get fake passports and other documentation these days.

As well as scammers, just remember that the rest of the world isn’t necessarily a nice place. This is especially so if you’re seeking a partner from a poorer country. So keep your wits about you, and read your government’s travel advisories before you book that flight to meet a stranger in a strange country.

Alternatives to International Cupid

If you have more of an idea of which continent, or even which country you want a bride from, then it’s better to use a more country specific dating site. That way you don’t get pestered by women from countries you’re not interested in.

Bored of dating people from your own country? International Cupid allows you to date the world...

Bored of dating people from your own country? International Cupid allows you to date the world...

For Latin American or Caribbean dating I recommend you take a look at Latin American Cupid. This site has tens of thousands of women on it. Many are from the Latin mail order brides hunting grounds of Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and of course Colombia. There are also country-specific sites, including Colombian Cupid and Brazil Cupid. Sadly you have to subscribe to each of these sites separately. They all have free trial membership plans though.

Asian international dating is well served. There’s my own site at Asian Love Connections. This site is totally free. It’s quite a good place if you’re interested in meeting Thai or Philippines women.

Cherry Blossoms is a particularly popular Asian dating site, and there are thousands of women from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. I dated a Chinese girl from this site – she was great. The nice thing about this site is that it’s pretty cheap – with annual membership costing just $9.99 a month.

For Russian brides there’s Elena’s Models and the Cupid Russian sites of Russian Cupid (formerly Russian Euro) and Ukraine Date. Again, these sites are pretty much identical to International Cupid in terms of look and feel.

Finally, the AfroIntroductions website seems to be the most popular for men seeking mail order brides from Africa. This site is worth a look, but just remember that huge numbers of romance scams originate in that continent (particularly from West Africa). Black Cupid and Interracial Cupid are alternatives – both are particularly popular with African American singles and also have members from a wide range of countries.

So if you’re interested in a long-term relationship with somebody from another country, then you could do far worse than signing up to International Cupid.

Leave comments below if you’ve had any experiences (good or bad) on International Cupid!

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