All you need to know about finding a beautiful Latin American bride

Latin Love Search

Latin Love Search is a popular Latin dating site. The site is a good place for a Western guy to find a Latin bride or girlfriend. It’s also very popular with Latin singles who want to find partners in their own country.

The site is particularly popular in Peru. This is because it started out as a Peruvian dating site, but has now expanded all over Latin America. Peru is becoming a popular place for American men seeking exotic foreign brides. Of course, American men have long desired the exotic lovelies from other Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Colombia or Venezuela.

The key feature of Latin Love Search is that it’s totally free! Yes, that’s right, Latin Love Search offers completely free online dating. This is especially nice if you’re a man – so many dating sites cost men money while women can use them for free!

Features of Latin Love Search

Latin Love Search has the usual features you’d expect to find on a dating site. There’s a search facility, and once you’ve got some search results you can browse the profiles of the singles you’re interested in.

There are a range of chat facilities and instant messaging tools. You can see who’s online at any particular moment. There’s also a rate photo feature. This is quite nice as you get to view photos of randomly selected members and at least you can see what’s on offer in the Latin dating scene.

The Latin Love Search is a little clunky to use – I guess this comes down to them using an off the shelf dating site software application. I’ve certainly seen the same template on a number of other international dating sites.

One nice touch is that the site is available in three languages – English, Spanish and Portuguese. There’s a basic language translator tool built in, which is handy if you’re seeking a partner and you don’t read or speak much Spanish or Portuguese.

Scammers and Spammers

I’m glad that Latin Love Search take a firm line against spammers. Dating site scammers are quite well known these days, but spammers are a lesser known problem.

Dating site spammers will try and sell you goods and services by sending you messages through the dating site. The problem got so bad on my own site that I blocked the entire country of Senegal from being able to register – the Senegalese spammers were the worst I’d ever seen.

Like Latin Love Search I’ve also implemented limits on the number of messages a member can send to other members each day.

I think they’re not as strict on their membership criteria as I am on my own dating site. I tend to kick off people uploading photos of body parts, or group photos (what’s the point of uploading a photo of a group to a SINGLES site?).

Is Latin Love Search any Good?

The Latin Love Search site is long established and there are a lot of members. The female members in particular are from a wide range of ethnic groups, and come in all ages, weights and heights. So you’ll have no problems finding members to chat to on this site.

As I said before, the site is a little clunky to use and it’s not as slick as the pay sites, particularly the Cupid sites like Latin American Cupid and Colombian Cupid.

I also run a free dating site (in this case an Asian site – Asian Love Connections) and I’ll point out that free sites aren’t always better when it comes to online dating. The free sites are popular with people who are just thinking about finding a partner, so it can be hard to find people who genuinely want a relationship.

I’ve browsed a lot of profiles on this Latin Love Search. The membership base looks like that on my own site. If you want a longer term relationship then it’s best to look for members who have uploaded natural looking photos (i.e. photos taken in their home, and quite amateur looking). Trust me when I say that the hottest of the hottest members on my own site are usually scammers or time wasters.

So if you’re interested in Latin dating then Latin Love Search is worth a quick look. If you’re serious about finding a bride from Latin American then I think you’d be better off on somewhere like Latin American Cupid. I’m a member of a couple of the Cupid sites myself. I find that they have some excellent search tools, a vast membership base, and good facilities for keeping track of who you’re interested in.

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