All you need to know about finding a beautiful Latin American bride

Latin Romance Tours

Are you single? Are you interested in finding a foreign bride?

If so, then a romance tour might be what you’re looking for.

A romance tour is a singles vacations with a difference! On a romance tour you and a number of other lucky guys will get the chance to meet a lot of single ladies from the country you visit. All will be marriage minded and eager to meet single guys such as yourself.

The tour is organised by a tour company, so often all you’ll have to do is to book flights to your intended destination.

Tour staff in the foreign country will be on hand to help you, from meeting you at the airport, to helping with the local language and customs.

Who Can Benefit from a Tour?

I would say that the type of man who would benefit most from a romance tour is a guy who has plenty of cash (these tours are EXPENSIVE), and who hasn’t travelled extensively outside his own country (the tour assistants help you every step of the way).

Personally I like to do my own thing, so I think a romance tour would be too restrictive.

In all honesty, the best way to find a foreign bride is to spend at least a year living in a foreign country whose women you like!

However, romance tours can be a compromise between living overseas and just using international dating sites.

Romance tours are also a good idea if you’re quite shy. The social events usually revolve around ice-breaking events that make it easy to chat to ladies. I should point out though that I’m pretty shy but I’ve found that online dating is a great way of meeting ladies. You can chat to them online, then when you meet you feel as if you’ve known them forever.

If you want a bride who doesn’t speak much English, then romance tours can be useful as well. At the social events there will be translators on hand to help you chat to the women who don’t speak much English.

Finally, the good thing about organised romance tours in Latin American countries is that they give you peace of mind when visiting a country with a dangerous reputation (i.e. Colombia).

Latin Romance Tours Providers

So who should you turn to when it comes to booking a romance tour?

There are a number of Latin American/Central America romance tour providers. Here are three of the better known names:

  1. LoveMe run regular tours to South America. The tours are focused on either Peru or Colombia. LoveMe are the market leaders as far as romance tours go. They run many tours each year, to a wide destinations in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.
  2. Anastasia run Latin tours as well. These are conducted through their Latin dating specialist AmoLatina. At the time I looked at their site, they were offering a week long romance tour to either Bogota or Medellin (both in Colombia). There was also the option to book a fortnight long twin-centre romance tour, taking in both destinations.
  3. Latin Affairs run romance tours of the Dominican Republic. Dates and destinations vary, so check their site for their latest tour information. When I last looked they were offering 5 day tours. This doesn’t seem to be very long, however you can of course extend your stay in paradise and allow time to get to know any of your favorite ladies better! Having looked at some of their photos of recent romance tours, I very much doubt you’d stay single for long! So many beautiful ladies…

The Best Latin Romance Tours

Which romance tours are best?

Obviously it largely depends on which country’s women you like best.

Get your timing right and a Latin romance tour might take in a carnival or two...

Get your timing right and a Latin romance tour might take in a carnival or two...

LoveMe have been in this game a long time, so you can expect their tours to be slick and well organised. I find the company very American, so if you’re an American guy then you’ll find them familiar and easy to deal with. They also have the widest choice of countries and destinations. When I last looked at their website they were offering forthcoming Latin romance tours of Costa Rica, Colombia (either Cartagena and Medellin) and Peru.

And if you’re interested in Domincian women, then Latin Affairs is the obvious choice here. I like Latin Affairs in that they’re a lot more than a basic dating site – they’ll run a private romance tour if you like, as well as give you the chance to have some photographic sessions with some of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful women!

When reading reviews of romance tours, bear in mind that a man’s opinion of a tour will be largely based on one thing – does he find a lady! This of course isn’t guaranteed. I’ve read a lot of reviews of romance tours where the man clearly has unrealistic expectations of the event. Love is a vague thing, and it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no guarantee you’ll find The One on your first romance tour. However, you will have a much better idea of what you’re really looking for!

So that’s a look at what’s available in terms of singles tours for unmarried men. These tours are quite expensive, so it’s a good idea to chat to some ladies from your chosen country before booking a tour. Latin American Cupid is the best dating site in terms of choice of women from a wide range of countries. For Dominican women try Dominican Cupid. Both these sites offer flat rate membership plans and for that you can chat to as many women as you can handle (I know – I’ve tried!).

By the way, if you know of any more Latin themed romance tour operators, then add your suggestions below.

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